How To Raise Blood Pressure Safely, According To Experts – Forbes Health

How To Elevate Blood Strain Safely, In accordance To Specialists – Forbes Well being

Untreated hypotension can enhance one’s threat for severe well being issues. Due to this fact, it’s essential to take steps to lift your blood strain safely. Listed below are six expert-backed suggestions that will help you accomplish that.

Keep Hydrated

Extreme dehydration can cut back the quantity of blood circulating all through the physique, inflicting a discount in blood strain.

Sizzling climate, train, vomiting or persistent diarrhea can go away you needing further fluids, says Allan Stewart, M.D., a cardiothoracic surgeon and the cardiovascular surgical procedure medical director for HCA Florida Mercy Hospital. “You’ll want to drink loads of water all through the day, and go for drinks with electrolytes should you’ve been sweating rather a lot,” he provides.

Enhance Salt Consumption

Decreasing salt consumption is steadily really useful to these battling hypertension, or hypertension. The alternative is true for these with hypotension.

Sodium helps regulate the quantity of water within the physique. Rising your sodium consumption could assist enhance blood quantity and due to this fact blood strain.

If you happen to’re exercising or sweating greater than common, you’re possible dropping extra sodium, which may contribute to low blood strain, says Dr. Stewart. He suggests including a pinch of salt to meals or snacks all through the day, in addition to consuming electrolyte-rich drinks like sports activities drinks to get an additional enhance of sodium.

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Eat Smaller Meals

“Postprandial hypotension (PPH) is a medical situation by which somebody experiences a drop in blood strain after consuming,” explains Dr. Kaulback. “It’s extra generally present in older sufferers, particularly these handled for hypertension or these with autonomic dysfunction from a dysfunction like Parkinson’s illness,” he says.

Dr. Stewart provides that people with sure coronary heart situations, reminiscent of aortic stenosis, may expertise low blood strain after consuming a big meal as a result of their physique is sending extra blood to the intestines to assist with digestion.

Those that expertise low blood strain after consuming could reply higher to smaller and extra frequent meals, consultants agree.

Restrict Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can have a direct impact on blood strain ranges. Analysis means that when consumed in giant doses, alcohol decreases blood strain for as much as 12 hours after which will increase blood strain after the 13-hour mark.

If you happen to’re vulnerable to low blood strain, it’s essential to pay attention to how a lot alcohol you’re consuming and restrict your consumption.

Put on Compression Stockings

Compression stockings, usually worn on the legs and generally the stomach space, will help maintain blood flowing correctly by making use of counterpressure. The light strain to the extremities will help enhance circulation again towards the center and maintain blood strain from dropping.

This help is particularly helpful for individuals who expertise low blood strain as a consequence of inactivity or standing up shortly, in addition to older adults, says Dr. Stewart.

Consider Drugs

Some medicines can result in low blood strain, together with these prescribed for hypertension. “Generally a person is on a number of blood strain medicines, which might contribute to hypotension,” provides Dr. Stewart.

“The physique adjustments over time, and blood strain medication may have to be adjusted periodically to replicate these adjustments,” he explains.

If you happen to suspect your medicine is contributing to your low blood strain readings, communicate along with your well being care supplier earlier than making any adjustments. They might advocate you modify your dose or change medicines altogether.

(Be aware: Product particulars and pricing are correct as of the publication date and are topic to alter.)

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