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10 Greatest Physique Swaps In TV Exhibits

Physique swap moments are frequent in science fiction and superhero exhibits, however they’re often inserted into different genres. These swaps are sometimes triggered by a scientific experiment, a spell, a want, or an unintentional flip of occasions. Irrespective of the rationale, the adjustments both assist the characters obtain a serious goal or be taught a factor or two about different views.

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Among the many quite a few physique swaps that followers have witnessed over time, some have develop into iconic in in style tradition, and these moments additionally performed a vital half within the character improvement of these concerned, enabling them to emerge as extra likable or redoubtable.



10 Justice League Limitless

The Nice Mind Theft (Season 3, Episode 8)

The Flash swaps bodies with Lex Luthor in Justice League Unlimited

One in all Superman’s most iconic foes, Lex Luthor, will get to swap our bodies with The Flash in Justice League Limitless. All of it occurs by chance when Physician Destiny tries to seek out Grodd by tracing his psychic resonance. Given his historical past, the ever-scheming Luthor (as Flash) is anticipated to be the one which takes full benefit of the occasions, however it’s The Flash (as Luthor) who advantages probably the most.

Luthor’s overexcitement turns into his undoing since he spends extra testing his pace powers round than plotting as he normally does. Flash, on the hand, does lots, notably tricking Physician Polaris into revealing his plan to steal €100 million price of newly minted money earlier than occurring to foil it on the final minute, a lot to the dismay of everybody concerned.

9 Warehouse 13

Merge With Warning (Season 2, Episode 8)

Pete and Myka swap bodies in Warehouse 13

In Warehouse 13, the physique swap immediately impacts the primary characters’ relationship arcs fairly than their skilled ones. It looks as if a typical day when the protagonists, Pete and Myka, chase a thief and retrieve an artifact from him. However simply as they put together to go on dates, they uncover they’ve taken one another’s our bodies.

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The episode is thus outlined by franticness and desperation as followers get to observe the 2 strive all kinds of tips to allow them to return to their earlier states. What’s extra fascinating is that the artifact causes Pete and Myka to vary appearances severally, fairly than as soon as, as is the norm. The 2 thus get to have a false sense of victory a few instances.

8 The X-Recordsdata

“Dreamland” (Season 6, Episode 4)

Fletcher stares at himself in the mirror after swapping bodies with Mulder in The X-Files

It could be a criminal offense for one of many biggest monster of the week exhibits to not have a physique swap episode, and The X-Recordsdata really has two. Nevertheless, it’s “Dreamland” that’s probably the most engrossing one because it entails Fox Mulder’s consciousness migrating into Fletcher, a member of the Syndicate enforcers generally known as the Males in Black.

The alternate brings out most of the characters’ adverse traits as they’re each seen partaking in actions they know they will not take accountability for. Their sexual pervasions are particularly highlighted, with Fletcher (as Mulder) turning into a lothario and breaking the workplace relationship guidelines. On the similar time, Mulder (as Fletcher) watches pornography at his home, a lot to the dismay of Fletcher’s spouse.

7 Supernatural

“Swap Meat” (Season 5, Episode 12)

Dean meets the body-swapping kid, Gary, in Supernatural

Supernatural may typically be scary, however “Swap Meat” proves why it’s one of many funniest supernatural-themed exhibits. In it, Sam will get pissed off about having to dwell the teenage life when a excessive schooler named Gary creates a spell that permits him to commerce our bodies with the monster hunter.

Although a Sam-Dean swap is what followers might need craved, this works too due to Sam’s hilarious experiences whereas dwelling Gary’s life. Coping with overbearing dad and mom and college rivals turns into a bit overwhelming for him, so he continually messes up and turns into a laughingstock. So relieved is he when he lastly will get his personal physique again that he yells, “Gary’s life sucked a**.”

“Primary Human Anatomy” (Season 4, Episode 11)

Abed and Troy swap bodies in Community

For a sitcom, Group tends to get too artistic, and in “Primary Human Anatomy,” followers are handled to one more mindblowing plot the place Abed and Troy interchange our bodies. It’s all a homage to the 1976 fantasy-comedy Freaky Friday, the place a mom and her daughter make a want to swap our bodies, and it occurs.

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In Group, the duo makes the identical want after watching the film, and it comes true. The enjoyable then comes from the efforts by the 2 to attempt to match into one another’s lives however having a tough time doing so. Nonetheless, for a present that emphasizes the significance of friendships, the trade-off seems to be a very good factor because it allows Abed and Troy to grasp one another’s views significantly better.

5 Physician Who

“New Earth” (Season 1, Episode 2)

A scene from Doctor Who (scene)

Cassandra’s distinctive types of treachery are main causes she is taken into account one among Physician Who’s most formidable villains. She pulls off one more trick in “New Earth” by taking up Rose’s physique quickly after the Tenth Physician heads to New Earth within the yr 5,000,000,023 to research the Sisters of Plenitude.

Taking up Rose’s physique advantages Cassandra as a result of it grants her the chance to provoke blackmail because the sisters occur to be conducting unlawful medical experiments. That is data she wouldn’t have been in a position to purchase whereas in her personal pure physique since The Physician wouldn’t have allowed her to get inside the ability.

4 Star Trek

“Turnabout Intruder” (Season 3, Episode 24)

Kirk swaps bodies with Lester in the Star Trek Tv show

Star Trek‘s “Turnabout Intruder” is a superb piece of commentary on gender discrimination within the office. In it, one among Kirk’s former lovers, Dr. Janice Lester, forcefully swaps our bodies with him to get to fly the USS Enterprise after she realizes ladies are by no means promoted to Captain.

Although Dr. Lester goes about it the unsuitable approach, her actions are justifiable since they assist make clear a evident challenge plaguing the present all alongside. For Star Trek, the episode additionally marks some type of a turnaround since feminine characters are given extra distinguished roles going ahead.

3 Batman: The Courageous And The Daring

“The Criss-Cross Conspiracy!” (Season 2, Episode 20)

Batwoman swaps bodies with Batman in Batman The Brave And The Bold

Batwoman and The Riddler don’t cross paths that usually, and on the few events after they have, it’s the villain that has fared significantly better. Since Batman seemingly is aware of the right way to deal with the Gotham baddie higher, Batwoman decides to take his physique with the assistance of the sorcerer Felix Faust.

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Vengeance thus turns into the central theme of the Batman: The Courageous and the Daring episode because it’s revealed that Batwoman remains to be bitter about The Riddler unmasking her years in the past. Whereas her selection isn’t evil, it doesn’t sit nicely with Batman (as Batwoman) due to his ethical compass. He, due to this fact, does all he can to cease her.

2 Xena: Warrior Princess

“Intimate Stranger” (Season 2, Episode 7)

Castillo pretends to be Xena in Xena Warrior Princes

Because of the supernatural components in Xena: Warrior Princess, a villain’s dying by no means means they’re gone endlessly. That is as soon as once more confirmed to be the case when the warlord, Callisto of Cirra, tips Xena into taking her physique. She then heads to Earth, leaving the protagonist within the Underworld.

The swap has severe penalties as a result of Callisto goes on to spoil Xena’s life whereas nonetheless inflicting havoc with nobody to cease her. The episode stays entertaining all through as a result of the percentages hold stacking up towards the true Xena. Even after discovering her approach again to Earth, she has a tough time coping with the menace as a result of her ordinary allies hold attacking her and mistaking her for Callisto.

1 Tom And Jerry

“Switchin’ Kitten” (Season 1, Episode 13)

Tom gets punched by a fellow cat in Tom and Jerry

Jerry by no means runs out of ingenious methods of making an attempt to cease Tom. In one more enjoyable episode of the unique Tom and Jerry, he enlists the assistance of a mad scientist, who causes a canine to swap our bodies with a cat earlier than giving him to Jerry as a companion.

The ingredient of shock, which has all the time labored out nicely for Jerry, thus performs out once more. Pondering the cat thinks like him, Tom tries to enlist its assist in capturing the mouse, solely to get brutally crushed and barked at. As is all the time the case, he’s left with no choice however to shamefully stroll away as a loser as soon as once more.

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